Rings on the fingers can indicate character traits.

Forefinger: Overbearing ego; or compensating for a lack of confidence.
Middle finger: Materialistic nature; needing security.
Ring finger: This is conventional and is only noted if there are multiple or large rings adorning it. If this is the case then emotional or creative frustration could be present.
Little finger: It is common to see this in the gay community, especially on the left-hand. Otherwise you'll see a lot of businessmen, showbiz people, and anybody else who likes to accumulate fame, status and money.

The affect of the rings is enhanced if they are on both hands, and by their size.

A hand covered with jewellery shows emotional armour: the person is hiding behind their rings, finding it hard to be themselves. This is the most telling ring.

Spielberg's large and fleshy hands, with short fingers, shows an energetic and practical nature. Here's someone who won't let the grass grow under his feet! Note also the the way the little finger stands out from the rest of the hand.

The Iron Lady has a hand to match her nature. She has a very prominent forefinger, showing tremendous self-confidence and driving ambition. Note also the long thumb: this shows great willpower and a stubborn nature.

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